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      I just spent 2 days removing acne from a client. This is the first time I did this so it took 2 burns before I got the right look without making them look fake. My LCD monitor does not give accurate color so I burn to disk and watch on 2 different TV’s (one standard and one HD) to ensure corrections are good.
      How many others out there remove acne for clients?

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      Remove acne from what?

      And can’t you output NTSC to a monitor to monitor while editing? Might save you some hassle.

      If a customer asked me to remove acne would be charging dermatologist rates I’ll tell you that.

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      What I did was mess around with a combination of soft focus layer and a glow effect which smoothed out facial blemishes.

      I can’t afford a new peice of equipment at this time.
      Why I burn practice disks is becuase my computer screen is horrible at color so I have to burn a practice disk to view on a traditional 4:3 tube and a HDTV to check colors and see how good the quality is.

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      Digital Video Wrote:

      I just spent 2 days removing acne from a client.

      Good God I hope you mean ‘from a client’s image on a video’ rather than what you said. That would really be going above and beyond.

      I have the same pain-in-the-butt process. It makes me sleep better if I burn a disc and watch it on a variety of tv’s.

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