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      I use Adobe Premiere Pro 2, and own 2 sony handycams, not high quality stuff, in fact far from it. I know that it would be easier with professional cameras but I know there is a way to achieve a certain look that I am looking for.

      The look is the darkish type where everything is dark but its perfectly light outside. In example in this video, the beginning is similar to what I mean , also if anyone watches On The Lot, when they were instructed to make trailers for a movie, and the one guy that didnt make the trailer had an amazing short action film, which had that effect in it. How do I achieve it?


      in the beginning – – at 1:27 , 2:02 and all throughout the video

      its so hard to explain i hope someone understands what i mean

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      please help me out this is a serious question!

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      That seems to just be selective lighting with the exposure set for the lit parts.

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      I agree.

      The first video is pretty much a silloutte. Light the outside brighter than the inside of the house, expose the image so the inside is dark and the outside looks normal.

      The same concept for the second and third video too.

      In the second or third, the editor may of used some of the techniques here to help make the highlights pop out:

      Otherwise, its a very interesting method of editing footage, and I know it will be useful for me.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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