Achieve movie widescreen with Canon XL2?

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      I bought the canon Elura 85 a little while ago. It has true widescreen which is pretty good, but I noticed that the widescreen isn’t as wide as motion picture widescreen. I’m looking to purchase an XL2 and I was wondering if that camcorder has a widescreen as wide as motion picture widescreen or would I have to purchase an anamorphic lens for the XL2 to achieve that widescreen?

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      There are a variety of af various screen ratios used in Film. Dv video, on the other hand, has only two native CCD formats: 4:3 and 16:9.

      If you’re looking to duplicate the screen ratio of a favorite film, then check the case and find out what screen ratio it was shot in, and do the math to create a matte box overlay in your editor that will simulate that screen ratio based on your original footage.

      Just remember to shoot to edit. Keep your final ratio layout in mind when getting your footage reels.

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