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Hi Guys, Silverline Production here. We are currently new to the site and we would like to welcome you all to our thread!

present, we have uploaded a "Teaser Trailer" for the latest installment
for our film "ACE". The link is displayed as seen below.

Austin is a contract killer who works for a Mob force comprised of
three men who call themselves ACE. He carries out their hits using his
undeniably talented skills of destruction. But as feelings in a
relationship grow stronger, his whole life starts to slowly unravel
before him. ACE is an action-packed crime drama that focuses on the
central conflict of a Hitman who begins to question and doubt his
actions when he falls in love with a woman, leading to his slow but
ultimate quest for redemption.

Feel free to comment and stay tuned for further updates and possible future projects!

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Hi there, am loving the synopsis of this movie and look forward to watching it at some point.

I'm a student and for my A2 practical I am going to attempt to make a film trailer similar to yours, however I don't have to shoot the flm obviously. My film synopsis idea is similar to yours in that it involves gangsters, crime and drama, I was therefore wondering if you had any tips for me on producing a film teaser trailer on this genre, for my coursework. Thanks a lot. Charlie.