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      Hi everyone!

      I have a quick question about video production accounting and would love everyone’s opinion on this one:

      My video production company is growing and we need to get a real accounting program. it’s important to do some major research before picking one
      so I was hoping that some of you here in the Videomaker forum could recommend an accounting software which works well for video production. We started with Quickbooks. Is this the best option? If you do use Quickbooks, how do you budget/account for separate projects so you know how much margin you made on each one. If you use other accounting programs, please let me know why you like them.

      I am REALLY looking forward to getting some answers on this one.

      Thanks in advance,


      RedHill Media

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      I use the free version of Quickbooks 2009 (Simple Start). It has worked very well for my needs. The ability to do estimates, invoice tracking, etc.

      I just set a price for editing hours, videography hours, dvds produced, dvd copies, conversion time, etc and once you plug in the item, it plugs in the price.

      As far as budgeting, I haven’t really set any budget as this is just a sideline/parttime business for me. But my tax company loves that I give them the reports from this program at tax time. As far as margin, I know how much my materials cost, so it is easy to figure. There may be a feature in Quickbooks for this, but I just have the free version and I cannot find it on there.

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      Thomas Olsen

      We are running a photography business. We have recruited an AIPB qualified bookkeeper for our accounting services. At first we thought about quickbooks. We need to have Manage and pay bills, Track inventory, full service payroll, Instant sales and profit reports in our bookkeeping output. For these services quickbooks charges more than $100 a month. As we are new in business and we’ve already spent a lot we want to spend less for software purpose. We are lucky our bookkeeper suggested us to try Zipbooks.

      It has a double entry ledger system and a very good interface. The double entry system of bookkeeping is based on the fact that every transaction has two parts, which therefore affects two ledger accounts.

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      there are a lot of best options out there sage QuickBooks and other accounting software but you need training for that and research further here i shared with a link who provide training on accounting software minimal cost

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      Quickbooks is perfect for accounting software video production and I would recommend that you watch a complete tutorial of it. I searched and watched on its tutorial on youtube.

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