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      I realize that this may not be video related, but I know that there are many of you out there with computer experience that may know the answer to my dilemma.

      Well, I’m volunteering at the local rummage sale, and I managed to pick up a fairly new laptop for $2. Apparently the previous owner dropped it, broke the monitor, and decided to give it away…without wiping the drive. Now I’ve finally got loads of games, Photoshop CS2, etc. It should be great as a 2nd editing/prop computer. I have managed to hook up a CRT, so I got by the monitor issue.

      The only problem is that the AC adapter that came with it to charge is the wrong one. The computer is a Dell Inspiron 1000, Celeron 2.2 Ghz, 30 GB drive. I checked Dell’s site, and a replacement adapter will run about $60.

      Power supply is 60 watts
      Voltage provided is 19 volts

      Someone else told me:

      You shouldn’t need to spend that much.

      A good 12 to 18vdc, 2-3 amp adapter will work.
      Look around your house. It’s a bigger size one, like on a scanner.

      Look on the laptop power input socket to see if it shows a pin polarity diagram.
      That will tell you if you need a pin+ or pin neg. adapter.

      If it’s not labeled you can use an ohm meter to find the ground.

      Touch one probe on a metal portion on back of the case & the other in the
      power in port to find the power plug ground.

      And I found another one that might work, I don’t know:

      SO I guess my question to you is, should I:

        Waste some money and buy a replacement adapter straight from Dell

        Get the cheaper version(is it compatible?) from Tigerdirect

        Use the cheapest suggestion of a normal 2-3 amp adapter found easily.


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      Thanks, I’ll look into the iGo option. I’ve looked around, and the Targus and Kensington options are nearly double what a replacement from Dell would cost…and I’d rather not spend spme $50-$60 for a power source, but I may have to.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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