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      hey hey, does anyone know if I use an audio track from BBC news for my video’s background music, last for about 3 mins long.

      does it need to get the copyright from BBC if I wanna for publish use, or will it be possible to get any right from them.

      Actually it is only a small personal work, not for commercial. can anyone give me suggestion please.

      Thanks so much in advance for your suggestion.

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      If you want to do this legally, the first step would be to identify the name and all rights holders of the piece. A visit with an intellectual property attorney would be a good way to start.

      If money is an object (which may preclude you from obtaining all the licenses necessary) you could contact their (BBC) legal department and ask them how to proceed.

      I am not an attorney which is why I ALWAYS recommend starting your research in matters like this with someone who is (an attorney).

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      Even if you COULD use it, under FAIR USE (not saying you can, but look into it) sometimes these things don’t boil down to right or wrong… they boil down to who can afford the legal battle. They can bankrupt you long before you get to “tell it to a judge”. Just sayin.


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      If it’s small, personal work, don’t worry about the legal stuff. You aren’t making any money from it, you aren’t getting a wide audience, nobody from the legal side of BBC is going to see it. They won’t even notice if you use it

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      then read up on “fair use” under copyright law and good luck. I think Birdcat covered it clearly.

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      PJ, your advice isn’t particularly sound nor based on good professional standards. The perception that what we might be producing is not commercial or intended for public display or consumption, or profits or income, isn’t a good one upon which to base usage of copyright content. While virtually “EVERYBODY” does it, that doesn’t mean it’s legal, correct usage or safe to do. Sooner or later such a “lackadaisy” approach will come back to haunt many of us.

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      AvatarGrinner Hester


      Everyone knows I love me some Earl.

      That said, I’ll summerize…

      Don’t go stealing shit, man.

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