About to buy a Used XL-2…a little worried

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      hey guys i have been looking for a used 3ccd camera for a while now. i can only sped about 1500. i was looking into the gl2. basically i just want something that will look GREAT in 24p. the gl2 looked good, and finding one for 1500 is not that hard.
      after browsing around, i found a seller with a used xl2. he says its in great condition, and has about 75 hours on the head. i will be paying about 1500 or 1600. my quistion is, is 75 hours considered alot on a xl2? i really want a good look for my short films, so is this really THAT much better than a gl2?

      appreciate the help guys 😀

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      I see you are looking at a used XL2. I tought I would give you some of my advice whatever it means. In my mind the Xl series of canon is not great, but the xl2 is a major improvement over the xl1. To answer your question, no 75 hours is not alot of hours for that type of camera. I have seen those cameras do over 500+ hours and still have some life left in them.
      Have you also considered a dvx100, they are a great DV camera that shoots true 24p. They are a little pricey but for what you are getting they are fantastic. But again you do want to be careful buying used because you need to inspect the camera first before laying down your money because scames are on the rise.
      The Xl2 is a much better choice that the Gl2, trust me, the Xl2 offers way more shooting modes and pro functions.
      I hoped this helped

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      the dvx100 cameras seems really great, but i have not used them myself.

      I have used the GL2 and XL2, however, and from what it sounds like, that XL2 is a really good deal. The XL2 records 24p, 30p, and 60i, while the GL2 only records 60i. The XL2 records natively 16:9, the GL2 records 4:3 natively.

      The XL2 (unless he’s selling the body only) also has XLR inputs, useful for professional microphones.
      In addition, the XL2 has a very diverse and professional variety of image options.
      The XL2 also has 1/3inch ccds. The GL2 has 1/4ccds.

      Go for the XL2, its much more professional and providing to a videomaker than the GL2.
      I would same the same for the dvx100a or b

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