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      this is 1 CMOS HD Cam.
      is this as good as other 3 CCD cam like DVX 2100?

      anyone recommend this cam?

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      Going to the B&H website, and looking at the specs…
      For minimum illumination, the A1U has: 7 Lux with Gain Up
      (not exactly the best choice for low-light situations)
      On the other hand, the VX2100 is known for exceptional low-light sensitivity.

      Judging by various reviews I’ve seen, I’d say that CMOS cameras require less power, and can produce beautiful images, but they need more light than their CCD counterparts.

      Regarding 1 vs 3 imaging devices: In one of these forums I saw a post saying that a camera with a single imaging device will do more smearing of bright objects when the camera is panned (as compared to a camera with 3 imaging devices). And, of course, 3 imaging devices will probably produce more accurate color, especially in low-light situations.

      Both camcorders have the professional mic inputs (XLR). (Well, not the 2100 :-// )

      Oh, and 1 more difference between the A1U and the 2100: The A1U is high definition (but you knew that, right? πŸ˜‰ )

      Just my 3 cents worth πŸ™‚
      Ken Hull

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      3 chips give you better color and better low light detail than single chips overall but chip size is a factor as well however there is no 100% this or that answer because you need to look at the camera as a whole and not just parts.

      Many things go into making a good camera but the real question is what do you need from your camera?
      1 chip cameras may be all you need.
      I shoot corporate training videos and sometimes I’ll use a 3 chip HDV but I also use a single chip SD camera as well and with great success.

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      "The VX2100 does not have XLR inputs."
      Oooops!!! :-//
      My appologies! I’ll try and correct that.

      My 1/2 cent worth πŸ˜•
      Ken Hull

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      I agree the 3 chip is better thant the one CMOS chip, and the color is better, but I don’t think you would see a huge diffrence if you were not looking for it.
      Personal prefrence.

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