A Wedding with the new sony nx70 cam

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      my experiences, I have an nx5 as my primary and a small sony HD handheld. I was looking for another smaller cam to shoot b cam with the nx5. I received it on a tuesday and had a wedding that saturday..I learned all the basic controls andoff we went…first hitch…no neutral density filter..ok, I’ll set the shutter control up as a quick button as this was an outdoor wedding and the f stop only goes to 9 i believe?. The focus was set on auto and responded very nice and predictable. The active steady shot is very nice feature also. But…my issues came during the pre ceremony shooting and during the ceremony shooting. I was going back and forth from inside to outside sun and every trip I would have to stop open the viewfinder door hit menu, scroll for a control, hit exit, close the door as I use the eye piece mostly. It became very labor intensive..Had I not had a good feel for this venue and many weddings under my belt this shoot would have been a nightmare. I really wanted to like this camera because its very light and works great on a mono pod But, It had to go back to its creator. I will save up the extra $1000. and purchase a second nx5. I am not bashing this camera as it has some very nice features but it is not for me. The water tight doors and crevices are hard to open when in a rush if you dont have finger nails and I do very few weddings in the rain. I do like the wide lens for close shooting. I also experienced a lot of haze in the viewfinder when shooting in bright sun? I would like to hear other peoples experiences with this camera?


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