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      I just posted this to another question, but you will never find it with the particular header, so I thought it would be helpful to give it a more descriptive header:

      Here are some every day marketing issues we all face and how you can easily solve them:

      • If I don’t have a web site yet, how can I include a simple, short web address on my literature so prospects can easily view sample footage?
      • Or maybe, all I have is a myspace web site. Can I use that as my web site?
      • What if I don’t have any web site? Can I upload my sample footage as a YouTube video and use that as my site? But that is going to be a really long url!!!! No one is going to type all that in. Is there a way around this?
      • I eventually want this particular URL, but for now, I only have one of these other sites (myspace, facebook, YouTube, etc.). How do I get around having to reprint all my literature (business cards, brochures, etc.) twice? Once with my current url and later when I build my new web site?


      Here was my post to Rob:


      A myspace site, YouTube Video, or the like, may be better than nothing at all, but in all cases, make sure you design your site to be client centered and not “I” centered.

      Electronic Business Card, Video Business CardIf you look through your bio, it has “I did this” and “I did that.” I would suggest changing that to, “In 2004, so and so came to us and we developed a video for them that helped them to . . . The following year, the video we created for ____ won 3 awards that directly brought them 12 new clients . . .” Talk about the types of things your prospects can expect to receive from you once they choose to do business with you. In other words, what’s in it for your potential clients. I realize that you have that in a round about way on your site, but it can be more direct. Instead of, “Look at what we have achieved,” say, “Here’s what we will do for you.”

      eBusiness Card, Video Business CardYou also may want to consider replacing the photo of your editing desk with a professional photo of yourself. People like to see and feel like they know those they are doing business with. Remember, they will assume many things based upon your photo so make it professional and sharp. You could also take a photo of you in action, but look sharp and have your subject look like they are having fun. Every one is smiling and laughing.

      eBusiness Cards, Video Business CardsA Marketing Tip! consider placing your video on a Video Business Card or Electronic Business Card and handing that out instead of your regular business card and include this little trick! First, decide on a domain name and come to us ( Web Design at Text-to-Art) or any web hosting company, purchase the domain name and set up an account. You don’t have to create a web page at this point, just the account, BUT WHAT YOU DO IS create a redirect from your domain name to your myspace page.

      Here’s how this helps you. When they view your CD and click on the link to your web site, instead of ending up on a regular web site, they will be redirected to your myspace site. Then, in the future, when you have time to develop your web site, you just remove the redirect and any time they type in your url, they come to your new site instead of your myspace site.

      Once you purchase your domain name and set up your redirect, you can print your web address on all your literature (brochures, business cards, etc.) and not have to worry about reprinting your marketing literature later when you get your new site.

      Whatever you do, you have to remember that prospects are trying to decide who to do business with and they base their decision on what they see.

      Of course, they base their decision on your video samples, but also on how you present yourself and your company. If they view you as some guy who does some good work, they still aren’t sure if you are going to show up on time and do an equally good job for them. You have to present yourself as one of the top professionals in your community. Unfortunately, people often assume professional companies have such things as, a professional web site.

      So, yes, a myspace site ‘MAY’ be better than nothing at all, but you may still loose business because of it. Prospects see your myspace site and then your competitors professionally designed site. If you are pretty close in pricing, who do you think they will choose?

      Here’s how I tell clients to think about it, Text-to-Art can design a professional web site for far less than what it is going to cost you in lost sales. In other words, companies pay for a web site one way or another. The only difference is some companies pay once and end up with a web site that generates new business. Other businesses opt to not have a web site, but they pay for it anyway over and over and over again in lost business.

      It’s something to consider.

      Brad Simon

      Electronic Business Cards / Video Business Cards

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