A video capture card and the X Box 360.

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      First time poster.

      I’m looking for a video capture card (PCI-E) that allows real time video capture of x box 360 game play. Occasionally I record game play, but it’s mostly just playing and viewing the game on my computer. My older computer has an ATI ALL in Wonder 7500, it’s a very old card but rock solid and a little tired after years of usage.

      I built a new computer, my motherboard is an Ausu M2N32-SLI Deluxe, The board has two PCI-E Express x16 slots. I don’t have an AGP port on this main board and my only pci slot is occupied.

      Whatever software this card comes with it has to show the game play without any lagging, when I move on screen it has to be in real time, otherwise it’s impossible to play. I have an ATI All in Wonder 2006 Edition (AGP port based) capture card, it’s great for TV viewing, but the Live TV function is always running. It’s impossible to play any game that is piped through this card because the ATI Multimedia Center does not display the video through the S-Video port in real time.

      I’m stumped. I’ve spent several hours investigating nearly every VC card manufacturer. I don’t want to go out and buy a card unless I know for sure that the VC card is "game console friendly"

      Does anyone know of an internal video capture card that displays game console video in real time?


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