A Sony HVR Z5U camcorder or a HDSLR 5D?

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I currently own a sony hvr z5u camcorder. But I'm looking to purchase another video recorder for my growing production company at this time. With the HDSLR cameras on the rise in the industry for both video and photography. Im stuck between another sony z5u or a hdslr 5d. Can anyone help me with this by giving me input on the pros and cons between the two. To give me insight on which would be the better purchase. All comments would be greatly appreciated.

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I use 2 Z5u's myself. I might suggest an NEX5 though (or the newer models that are coming) if you want DSLR type footage. I don't have the info right in front of me but I have seen comparisons between the NEX5 and the 5D, and the NEX5 has much less moire and artifacting. I use an NEX5 and I almost use it more than my Z5s. The Z5s are great for general video, but when you want those close up eye popping shots, the NEX5 is king. The auto focus is nice as well on the NEX5 and you will not see that for video in the 5D.

My 2 cents.

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Sony just announced a new model the NEX-VG20 uses interchangeable lenses. Higher priced than an HDSLR but is built around video. The body only price is 1599. You can find the specs on the Sony website. It looks like something worth considering.



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Yeah there is a few new cameras in that lineup-
Nex-7 Nex-c3? NEX-VG20 or there is also the full fledged pro video
camera NEX-FS100 with the same size sensors, same interchangeable
lenses, and incredible low light sensitivity (I have seen it shoot at
30db with practically no grain).

Since you were maybe planning on another Z5u, maybe the NEX-FS100
might be worth looking at? It will run you more than the Z5, but not by
leaps and bounds if you can afford the investment. This is the line of
camera that I will be getting next (hopefully next year). Just a
thought - all the goodness of DSLR lenses in a true video camera format.