A Simple Shoulder Stabilizer

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A Simple Shoulder

Stabilizing a small camcorder can be a challenge. You can
use a tripod if your subject is stationary, but a tripod is cumbersome and you
loose the flexibility to follow action. Hand held gives flexibility, but often
results in shaky video.

I have solved this problem by attaching a small tripod as
shown below.

Here the tripod is attached to my Canon Vixia HF11. The legs
are aligned along the base and held together with a rubber foot leaving just
enough room between the tripod and the camcorder for my left hand.

I hold the camcorder with my left hand with my forearm
crossing in front of my body, my upper left arm against my body and the rubber
foot pressed against my right shoulder as shown below.

This leaves my right hand free to control the record button and zoom lever.

Stabilization comes from the triangle formed by my left
forearm, my upper body and the tripod against my right shoulder. Because my
forearm crosses my body it is angled away from vertical in the horizontal
side-to-side direction so this triangle provides both horizontal side-to-side and
vertical stability.

When you hold a camcorder with your right hand, as is
usually done, your right forearm is vertical in the horizontal side-to-side
direction so you do not get the side-to-side stability that you get from
holding it with your left hand as I do here.

I also have a good view of the LCD screen.

Here is a link to a video I shot using this stabilizer. If you listen carefully after about 25 seconds you competitive types can hear some valuable advice.

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Cool tool.