A question about IEEE 1394 i.Link Cable (Firewire)

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      I have a problem which I have to ask. When I try to transfer the data from my Sony Camcoder to my Sony laptop through the i.link cable, it doesn’t work. I use the software called ‘ImageMixer Ver.1.5 for Sony’. When I send order to both of them. The laptop says: ‘camcorder is not found’. Before I buy the i.link cable, I have consulted the staff from one of Sony Cerntre shop. They told me I don’t need to install any driver for the i.link cable. And, just connect the camcoder and the laptop via the cable. Then, I can transfer the data. I have done exactly
      the same as they told me. But, it just doesn’t work. I want to get some advice if it’s possible. Anyway, my laptop has 1394 dirive. Thank you!!!

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