A photo montage – Feedback anyone?

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      I just finished this for my girlfriend’s mom (Hey…you gotta pull the future in-laws now…right?).


      I am wondering about:
      1. Timing – The timing of the fades and the timing of the pictures…is it too long? too short? Just right?
      2. What of composition of the photos/videos…I think sometimes I crop too close…is the action moving in the right place?

      Any replies are happily received!

      I also made this a little while ago (about my Korean apartment)…any thoughts?


      Thank you

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      I liked the one with your Korean apartment. Pretty good editing; at first i thought it was MTV.
      yeah, i also tried mimicking MTV, with pimp my pc. had to find so many rap songs…

      ummm, i felt kinda awkward watching the photo montage, but the timing seemed good. I thought the part where the present on the on edge of the handrail looked good when the view zoomed in, or whatever. how did you do that? it was pretty dramatic.
      If you plan to put that video on DVD or another media for a television, remember the safe titling area. A lot of titles looked like they would be cutoff on a television set.
      i’m not really a person to judge videos, but

      thumbs up, i guess!

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      I would also say I felt a tad strange for some reason during the birthday video, right down to the end. I would probably have not used that exact font. But this peice was created with someone in specific so it could fit more than I know. At the beginning, the second thought bubble that says "I need a present for my mom" goes way too fast, and to me, the font is often hard to decifer, as it’s vibrating around like that. This bubble should have lasted a little longer I’m thinking because, since I missed what that really said at the beginning, I felt like everything in the next 2 or 3 frames or thought bubbles was being lost track of, for lack of seeing what that bubble said! hehe Anyways, liked your Korean apartment video. Among many of the neat transitions and things you have going on, I like the voodoo mask cutaway/sound.. lol

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      Hey Guys!

      Thanks for the replies. The Korean apartment video was really fun to make! I was trying to keep my edits as tight as possible, I find that I often leave things on the screen for way too long…so I was trying to cut it down a bit…I guess I went to far. I agree with the jiggling..it went too far too!

      Thanks so much for the feedback, I really have to watch those 2 things…the safe area and the length of titles…I can be a bit bad sometimes! Eep! Gotta keep working on getting better I guess!

      Thank you for the feedback!

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      Oh, and Spencer, for the scene on the rail. I brought the picture into photoshop and cut out the background from the foreground and saved them as two seperate PSD files. Then put them on top of each other in Premiere and animated the frames so one would zoom in while the other zoomed out. I wish I could really do the focal length effect with my camera…but sadly can’t! ugh!

      The effect came out nicely though!

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      haha, yeah it looked a lot like the dolly/counterzoom effect.
      It worked and looked really good though, and its a neat idea make still pictures more interesting and dramatic.

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