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      Hi, I just purchased sony vegas pro 8, and I started tinkering with the effects, my question is:

      How do you change the “Area” where the video is unaffected by the effects (The box you dragged in the preview) because when I switch to another scene, the area is unchanged, and when I drag another box, all effects are changed.

      Please Help and thanks in advance!

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      Not sure of your problem – a couple of possibilities:

      1) Check your keyframes – If you want the entire clip affected, drag (or cut/paste) the keyframe marker (little diamond below the scene) to the beginning of the timeline.

      2) Check your effects mask to make sure the entire area is not unselected,

      3) If you want the effects on all clips on the track, drag the effect to the track (area on the left) – If you drag them onto each clip. only that clip will be affected.

      Hope this helps.

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      Maybe this will help in clarifying things:

      For example: I want this area unaffected by HSL adjust effect


      and for this one, I want this area to be unaffected by Invert colors.


      But when I do Either one, both scenes are changed in the area I select. How will I change the area for only One of them and the other is unaffected?

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      The technique you are looking to do is called rotoscoping – It is not hard but very, very tedious.

      First, put the video clip on one track then duplicate it so you have two tracks with the same video.

      Then on the upper track, you will need to draw a mask around the area you want affected (or not affected) – figure one mask every three frames.

      Then drag the effect to the upper track to affect it (or the lower one for everything but the selected area).

      I have done this and sometimes one minute of video can take hours in the edit bay, depending on how many masks you need to draw.

      You can search for rotoscoping sony vegas on YouTube – I found this one – not perfect but it gives you an idea: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tWUF1HFZFE

Viewing 3 reply threads
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