A Look at CS5 and Multiple Format DSLR Footage

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While waiting for the last ep of the Great Camera Shootout, I ran across this video by Jason Levine. He give a pretty good demo on using native DSLR footage in the Premiere CS5 timeline with the Mercury Playback Engine. One thing that came up during the Shootout was that after transcoding H.264 video to ProRes or Cineform codecs, DSLR footage becomes so much easier to work with and color-grade. The point came up then if that's the case, what's the 'big deal' about editing DSLR footage natively in CS5? Well, other than not having to go through all of that transcoding up front and saving it for final render, I can't think of anything else off hand. Anybody got any ideas? In the meantime here's the vid:

DSLR Editing in Premiere Pro CS5 from Jason Levine on Vimeo.