A little “Home Video” of two of my kids.

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      Note: a trip to the park, for practice and fun.
      This is a simple, ENG style shooting, with a little playful editing.
      Not my best work to date, but something I can show freely….

      It hints at where we’re going with our work, and I’d appreciate any advice/criticism/comments you all may care to share.

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    silence is also a response.
    Thank you for not bashing.
    I’ll Post something, more "commercially oriented" soon.
    It’s hardest to critique ones own work, if that work is about your youngest, and oldest children (2 of 8 ).
    But I think there is going to be a good demand for the idea of family photo/video shoots with a combined multimedia product, if the respones we’re getting from others is any indication.

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    were the link to your video?

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    Sorry, I hadn’t planned on leaving it up for too long. After nearly 40 looks from this forum, and no comments, I decided to pull it down, not much sense in giving away your marketing ideas, and not getting the feedback (even criticisms is better than silence).
    but here it is:
    I will leave it up for another week or so.

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    I say it was pretty good if your just practicing, the more you do the better. But the music don’t go with what you are trying to do or the mood your trying to set. to me the music should of been in some action movie because it doesn’t fit with the family moment you know. also around 1/5 of the movie with the horse there were alot of pointless paning, quick pan like that are use in scence that is set to intense the audience, every shot have to have a purpose. There one part with the sound effect for your transition that was kind of distracting. Since it seem like your goal is to record this for your son to see in the future, you should of got some shot of you in there. By the way what type of cammera were you using?

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    thank you for the feedback.
    the music was a garageband composition I did because I didn’t want any copyright issues with music, and it is for practice, but also to demonstrate the idea of a fun photo/video shoot.
    The peice I have for home use has a zztop theme, and more images of my wife and I doing the video and stills.
    I wanted action to emphasize the energy of a three yr old. But your point is valid, for customers, I’d definately want to shoot, and edit to the mood of whatever type of music they want…
    I was using a hdr hc1 with rode mic

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