A High End ‘Puter That Just Got Better

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      Last year I tossed out HP’s Z800 Workstation for the PC guys to drool over. Well it just got better and though it’s out of the price range of many of VM’s readers, the Z800 is now faster, more efficient power-wise, quieter and is not any more expensive than the original model!

      For the serious gearheads on the forums the new Z800 has shucked off the twin Nehalem Quadcores and put on a pair of Westmere Six Core 3.33 GHz processors (yes, I said ‘6’ cores.) There’s much more but I won’t spoil the ‘drool factor’. Take a look at the article at Studio Daily for a look at the new HPZ800.


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      Anyone know a company that sells just the motherboards of machines like this? I can’t find motherboads that will accept two processors. If I could find that, I could build the rest…

      That machine is awesome, no doubt.

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      “I can’t find motherboads that will accept two processors.”


      Wherever you get your parts from, you’ll have to look in their ‘Server Mobo’s’ section for dual capable boards. Just remember that you won’t have the same amount of slots (PCI(e)) available as a consumer board. However, you’ll get way more memory slots though (8 – 16) which means you can pack some serious memory in if you can afford it.

      And yes, that’s one mighty fine machine. If it wasn’t for the fact that I could build something in the same weight-class with way more memory (36GB!), the graphics card of my choice and have as many hard drives as I could fit in, I’d be all about that unit! I just can’t justifiy $2k + for the CPU’s though. I do like that 32nm processing time however….

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      Thanks, composite1! I just went to newegg’s site and under motherboards, sure enough–there’s a whole section on Server Motherboards! Just waitin’ for Dual Processors (and I looked at the pics, and there’s two spots for sure). So, I’ll check that out for my next machine.

      (Not anytime soon, though. But man, that’s gotta fly!)

Viewing 3 reply threads
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