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      I’m in need of a wireless microphone system to capture the vows and speeches at a wedding I’ve been asked to capture. What brands do you guys recommend, brands to stay away from? I’ve noticed looking through B&Hs website of wireless labels and combos that several models are the same price but have different ranges of frequencies, what frequency range should I look for? I’m not necessarily stuck to a budget, but would want the most bang for my money. Does anyone know of shops in Phoenix Arizona that rent such equipment? Thanks for the advice in advance.

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      I use the Azden 200UPR receiver and the 10BT lavalier microphones. They give you the ability to select several different frequencies so that you can eliminate conflicts with other wireless systems that might be used during the ceremony at the facility. Your best bet is to check with the facility to see if they are going to be using any wireless mics and if so, what frequencies will they be using. Then go to the facility beforehand and test whichever frequency you plan on using. The only issues I have found with any lavalier mics is that they tend to rub on clothing creating a raspy sound which is virtually impossible to eliminate in post production. Good luck.

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