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      I had pretty much mastered the field of digital 2D and 3D art in my spare time, so I decided to give moving pictures a try. Before reading anything at all about video production, I hauled my Cannon S1 (digital still) to a friend’s house set it up on a tripod, took some shots, and then edited it in Pinnacle Studio 9. This was my first production ever and I thought it turned out alright, but I wanted some comments from thoes who know this stuff much better than I. I’ve uploaded it to youtube.com, and the link can be found here.

      Things I know are wrong with the video:
      >no title
      >no credits
      >no script / speeking
      >dogs barking in the background near beginning
      >tripod shadow can be seen in one shot
      >loud growl can seem like its coming from the deer
      >loud growl is MUCH to loud
      >actor is smiling in one shot

      Things that made this video difficult:
      >I was working with a still camera, no script, and only running off a general idea.
      >I was working with only one 500w construction light after dark
      >I had no mics save the one mounted on the still camera
      >The light made things really difficult. I had every extension cord I could find to bring the light out to the edge of the woods. Because of this, I only had about a 30 foot area to do all the acting in. The light never moved more than 5 or 10 feet.
      >I had to make the music fit the video (the hard way). What I mean by this is we had a song we liked but the crescendo came to early. My friend’s dad does audio production as a hobby and has a full blown studio in their basement, so we got his audio software and made the music fit. I found a spot in the music that played the same group of notes about two or three times. I cut that part out, and made it repeat so that the crescendo came at the right time.

      Well let me know what you think for my first attempt. I’ve made other videos expermenting with a green screen and other camera tricks, but this remains my favorite video. Because of this video, a friend of mine asked me to film her wedding. (she had given up on having any video at all because of a tight budget). I started doing my homework for that, and found myself here. Now I would like to extend my thanks to thoes who have spent lots of hours sharing priceless knowledge with thoes of us who know nothing. After buying a digital video camera, a new tripod, and spending nearly 40 to 50 hours reading about wedding production, or watching weding production demos, I think I’m just about ready. Thanks so much for taking the time to collectively share your vast knowledge with me.

      – W|

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      Not bad. I’d cut the first part down a little. Too much walking for no reason. I’d also avoid using shots of the talent looking into the camera.

      For a "first time" production I’d give it an A+

      You already know the rest of what’s wrong.

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      Thank you for the kinds words, as well as taking the time to respond. I’m really looking forward to this art. Every little bit I learn reveals so much more that I still have to learn, and presents a welcome challenge.

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      I liked the dogs barking.

      But it’s too dark throughout, too much aimless walking, and I think the reaction shot of the hunter has to be faster after the roar. Maybe cut to the hunter reaction and then to the deer. People will care more about the human than the deer.

      Cool first try though!

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      why not varried your shot a little, like there were alot of pan and zoom, why not some close up and follow shot, it just kind of boring with the same shot over and over again. but it was good.

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