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      I need a decent Lavalier microphone that is $150.00 or under. It can be wired or wireless. Of course I’d prefer wireless, but I’ve heard for that price the quality would be much better on a wired mic.

      I’m making 10minute educational videos on parenting, self-esteem, etc. (a trainer giving a lesson with a flip chart, or role play with one other person, mostly indoors).

      I have a Canon XH-A1, which has left and right XLR inputs. It has phantom power if I need it.

      Please make suggestions. I’ve looked at Audio Technica AT803, ATPro70, ECM 44B. It’s hard to tell what’s good.


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      You won’t find a good wireless lav for $150.

      Just go to B&H and look what’s in your price range. The spec to look for is the Signal-to-Noise Ratio. 64dB is good. 74dB is very good. 84dB is outstanding.

      I use the Sony ECM-44B. It’s not $150; it actually seems to have gone up in price on B&H. I think it’s worth the extra $$ though.

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      If you’re willing to take somewhat of a risk, you shouldtryeBay. As Rob said, small lapel microphones are not cheap mics. If you want a good lav micthat is new, you should consider raising your budget.


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      Cool. Two great tips. Thanks! I hadn’t searched on Ebay under lav. Signal to Noise…Good to know!

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      I actually boughta lavalier micoff of Ebay and paid far less than $150 and have been very satisfied with it. I remember just searching under camcorder mic. I have used it on several shoots and it has worked like a charm everytime.

      However, on the flipside, I took a chance on a wireless lavalier unit on Ebay and that was just horrible. So much noise that I could not use it. But on wireless, it is more difficult to cut any corners without having a HUGE impact on quality.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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