A dude gets Pepper Sprayed – FOR REAL!

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      This was our first attempt at doing this. We would love some feedback. YouTube kind of screws up the clear video that was shot in Hi-def. But does anybody know how to make the online quality better? I have a Mac with Final Cut Express HD but the file formats seem to be limited. Help a Newbie? Anyone? Please.


      Thank you!

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      I would not use YouTube, as it does not fully support HD Video.

      Try http://www.vimeo.com to upload your HD videos, as they will look alot better. Here is a “sample” video of what they can look like: http://www.vimeo.com/777514

      LOL, yeah, on the peper spray, I remember getting sprayed with that when I was in the police academy. You definately still feel the effect of that hours after.

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