A different take on the 'Graduation Video'....

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Here's a piece I did for Dardan Balazi on his high school graduation day. It was a down and dirty setup with a P'n S camera by Canon with sync audio from a ZOOM H1. The video and majority of the graduation photos were taken with my rig. All other photos were either stock images or ones donated by his friends.


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Neat way to tell the story.

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Nice job, Wolf - I like the "Old School" font you used, and the way you opened it with the end of the graduation to segue into the interview. I liked the "Future Me" section.. nice idea. And the "what if" pictures... funny.

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Thanks Jennifer.

I wanted to put something together the now young man can look back on and draw parallels with his life at that time. His statements during the interview made my job easy finding images to cover his thoughts. As for using the end of the graduation ceremony, really at that age that's the only part you really care about!

What I was most pleased about with the piece was how easy it was to put the whole thing together at the spur of the moment using nothing more than a 'Point 'n Shoot' Digital Camera and a small Digital Audio Recorder. I put together a light rig where with just a mounting arm, a camera shoe adapter and a small Joby tripod you can hold everything with one hand. I've shot other segments with the same setup and am positive I could shoot a whole film with it and a couple more similar cameras.

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In one of my creative moments, when I did my step-son's HS graduation, I did it as a parody called Graduation Wars, with the protagonist Obi-Wanna-Graduate and took audio clips of the emperor & cut them in to the speech the school district chair's speech.

Sadly, it lived on a hard drive that went south and not one of the three kids I made copies for can find their DVD's :-/

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The inclusion of the student photographs was a nice touch as it helped personalize the video. The intereview with student Dardan was especially interesting; he makes a very captivating subject.





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