A couple of questions?

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Idon't know if this is the right place to ask these questions...
I've been puzzled about wheter it's legal to buy and use software from the US and use it outside the US boarders e.g in Europe?

I've been thinking of buying Adobe Production Premium CS5 when it is comes out, God willing. The price in the US is about 1600$ whereas in Europe it's nearly 2400? which is about 3600$ currently. So it's a huge difference and I wouldn't want to spend so much extra for nothing. ;)

So is it legal or not???

Also I'd like to know wheter this is a safe site to buy software from?

Has anyone bought software or anything from here? Would anyone recommend buying from videoguys.com?

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I can not answer about the souftware use but I have used videoguys.com and they are a reputable dealer. I purchased my Vegas Pro 8 from them.



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