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      Coming from the still photography world, I now realize my trusty ball head won’t cut it; I need pan/tilt. What do you suggest for good fluid pan/tilt head? Nothing remote control or motorized, mind you! Just a basic head with bubble level. Are the Bogen heads acceptable?

      How are the Audio Technica wireless mic systems?

      And finally, how do you all lug your gear around: bags or cases? I’ve only recently dove into video but have already amassed the camera, mic, light, headphones etc….so many little odds and ends to produce video.


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      Are the Bogen heads acceptable?

      Absolutely! Go with them for sure.

      How are the Audio Technica wireless mic systems?

      Great! My school’s got two wireless lavs, and they work good, so long as it’s not windy. Generally, you’ll want a bag of some sort to carry stuff around in. I use an old laptop bag to carry my stuff in, but for larger items you’ll want to look for a n additional camera bag – such as one by Pelican or Lowepro.

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      Here’s something to think about as far as the bag vs case situation:

      Cases are almost always (at least from brands like Pelican, etc) water-tight and air-tight. If you are traveling a lot by plane, this is a must as you’ll want to make sure your camera is in an air-tight place during transport or your lens could have problems.

      A lot of bags (I believe) are water-resistant, which means it will keep your camera dry if it’s raining. However, these aren’t air-tight so not so great for things like air travel. The major advantage of bags is they can carry your gear around with less bulk and weight. You don’t have as much weight and space as the foam in cases.

      I myself use a bag with my VX2000 and like how it allows me to transport a lot without being too heavy or taking up too much space. Of course, just as a precaution I never carry it outside if it’s raining because I myself don’t trust the water resistant claim.

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      I have a bogen 503 head, as well as a 501. I like them both, though the full fluid of the 503 is a little smoother.

      A/T is good, but not my favorite. If money is no object, Shure has great gear. On a more realistic budget, Azden, A/T, and a few others are decent.

      We use two rolling cases that are essentially carry-on sized wheeled suitcases. They work great for what we do. We tried bags at first, but with 3 cameras and all the gear, rolling cases was just easier.

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