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      1. Color Pass
      – I know how to use it generally, but how can I single out say one piece of clothing of a specific color even though there are lots of things in the shot that are the same color as it? Kind of like a Shindler’s List kind of deal.

      2. Day for Night
      – I really would only be able to shoot during the day and I don’t have a high quality camera (I have a cheap JVC miniDV cam) or the money for filter and I would need to do all of this stuff in editing. So, does anyone have some good tips for this?

      This isn;t for any specific project, but I’d like to know for future ones. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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      For your first problem you might want to try this.

      Because I have no way of knowing what or how you are planning on doing this with color pass, all I can suggest is the concept and you will have to decide if it will work or not. Im going to assume that you are an advanced user for if you arent, you probably wont understand what Im trying to do.

      All color pass does is takes a color (by sample) and replaces it with your new selected color. As you stated, the problem is that there are probably other objects that are close if not the same as the original sampled color that will change too of which you dont want changed. What you have to do is try and isolate the area that you just want changed from the rest of the areas by using a mask of some kind. Just place one version of your footage on one timeline, another version right above it and then a mask somewhere above that. On the bottom timeline apply your color pass filter. That of course will affect all of the footage on that line. Of course because you have another version of the same footage right above it, you wont see the color pass line. Here is where the mask concept comes in. By using a mask with Track Matte you will want to create a hole (sort of speak) through the upper timeline so that the bottom line will show through. Because you have the clips on top of each other and matched up exactly, you should be able to get away with this. The problem however will be if the mask will fit the shape you are looking for AND if the area is moving in which case you will have to move the mask around (via key frames) so that you can keep your area of interest color changed correctly. You also will have a certain degree of fudge that will result from anything that will cross through this mask. Thats why the shape might be an issue. You can create your own mask shapes too but that can be tricky because the shape might be always changing.

      If you understand what Im talking about then great! (You would be the first one X-D ) Seriously if you are lost post back and maybe someone else can help me out here or better yet, maybe there is a link to a tutorial somewhere. Hell there might even be an easier way then I would learn something. This is the palce to do it.

      Good luck!


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      haha…Yeah I understood all of that. I’ll try it out. Before, I tried to just use a garbage matte on the top track and have the bottom track in black and white and try to draw around the shape using it. It kind of worked, but I just wanted to know if there was an easier way.

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