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      Watch Videos for free, Share videos with Friends and Make Money from your videos on M otion.TV.

      Create your own Motion.TV Show, Post Crazy Moments Caught on Tape, Your band, Your hidden talent, Your best dance moves, Your favorite joke, Crashes & Smashes, Your own reality show, Pranks, Extreme Sports Videos, Post your film trailers, Promote nightlife in your city, Show your school spirit MAKE MONEY!!!!!!!!

      We give you a percentage of the ad revenue that is generated from the viewer ship of your videos.

      If youre interested you may want to upload your films directly to the siteit only takes a few minutes. In the event that you want to delete them from the site, you can at any time, no questions asked. You will also retain full copyrights to your films at all times.

      What is the M otion.TV Referral Program and how can I get involved?
      Now available on M otion.TV, every member that signs up from your member page will be "referred by you". What does this mean? Well, any visitor that goes directly to your member page first, before visiting the site and then becomes an active M otion.TV member will be considered "referred by you". Every month that we compute our Ad Revenue Sharing, we will commission your account a percentage of the money that anyone you referred to Motion.TV made! So spread the word! Send your friends to your member page and make even more money! This can be done using the "Promote Your Site" link inside MyMotion.TV, by clicking this link (http://www.m otion.tv/tell-a-friend/promote.php) or by sending people directly to your member page: http://www.Motion.TV/YOURUSERSNAME Be sure you are signed up for Revenue Sharing or you will not be eligible for this program.
      There are a lot of high end videos on M otion.TV .

      Check out Slap Club!


      These Guys are Making money!

      What do you think about Motion.TV?

      All the Best,

      Shawn McCoy
      Content Manager
      M otion.TV
      mccoy@m otion.tv

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