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      The time has come (unfortunately for the company wallet) to get a new laptop for field production and client presentations. Other than the cost of the new unit, there’s software and accessories. The most important accessory is the bag to carry the thing in.

      Now, getting a bag you would think wouldn’t be that big a deal what with vendors in the numbers rivaling the ‘Hoary Hosts’ (See Thor Comics for reference.) But, in my zeal to find a laptop that both fit my requirements and visual sensibilities I settled for a large screen (18.4″) to be exact. Of those vast number of bag manufacturers, I have only found 4 that have a product that will accommodate the new rig.

      The most interesting one is an outfit called Timbuk2. They have an interesting hook to their products as you can literally design the look of your bag. Now, they don’t come cheap as the one I priced out was $110 (the more elaborate you get the higher the price.) You could definitely create a unique (if not downright hideous) looking bag all your own. At the moment, I’m practicing my mantra of ‘good and cheap’ right now. However, that bag I designed is in the back of my mind….

      Here’s the link for those of you in the market for a personally designed bag:


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