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      Anyone here have any experience going from 8mm to digital. I have been messing around with it some, but I have a constant speed projector. I know that I need a variable speed projector to get rid of the flicker. Let me know if anyone has one they would like to sell, or have any suggestions on what one to buy on ebay. I have several reels that I would like to have in digital. I have been reading up about it, and I have learned a lot. It looks really nice other than the flicker with my Sony HDR-FX1 when it is set with a shutter of 30. When I set the shutter to 15 the flicker goes away, but the motion becomes blurry. Let me know what you have found, I would like any tips available.


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      I had three reels of super 8 mm movie film transferred to mini DV by Mister Video, contact info below. The film was 36 years old. This and my slides from that era have held up remarkably well, in contrast to color prints which have faded. The movie film was of the under documented Altantic City Pop Festival, which was the warm-up for the original Woodstock held two weeks later.
      (One of my little projects is a short documentary on this Festival. Will combine movie film footage with some quite powerful stills I shot of Dr. John, Janis Joplin, and BB King, among other stills.)
      The quality of the transfer from super 8 film to mini DV I would rate a “10” and of course there was no flicker. I provided the mini DV tape. The cost was $52.
      They have quoted me a price of $234 for transferring another 36 super 8 reels to mini DV, roughly two hours worth.
      Although they are in my neighborhood (suburb of DC), much of their work comes from Nationwide and even some from Overseas. If quality is important to you and you are stuck otherwise, check them out. Web address below:
      REGARDS … TOM 8)

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      Nice! I’d like to see that video!

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