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      Why is it so hard to find a camera that shoots 720p (as well as 1080) at a prosumer level for under $2000?

      I am really liking this camera:

      Panasonc HMC40 – which I can get for about $1600

      Here’s some test video of it.

      But, from reading around, it’s basically just a step up (sort of) from the TM900, which is ~$1000 cheaper, but doesn’t have 720p which at this point is my biggest reason for spending the extra coin. So I have to question: is 720p really worth an extra almost $1000? Could I just use the 1080p on the cheaper TM900? What negatives does this create?

      I know there’s a few added pluses to the more expensive HMC40, like
      the output ports, beefier manual controls, optional dual xlr (for
      $300!), etc., but it’s also a small sensor than the TM900 and has less
      Megapixels. [Note there’s no interchangeable lenses on the HMC40

      I’ll have a 3.4 ghz quad core i7 running 16gb’s of Ram on a 64bit
      OS7 with a 2gb Video Card ($500). The cheaper TM900 records everything
      at 1080/60p, wouldn’t my new computer be able to handle the extra size of the larger files? The only other down side is that now I have to store these huge video files, which means more external HD’s, but won’t I have that same issue with 720p, eventually?

      Keep in mind, I’m shooting trainings, interviews and homemade porn (kidding.. maybe… ;), not documentaries/films.

      It’s kind of ridiculous that even doing a google search on ‘prosumer video
      camera 720p’ doesn’t pull up anything useful on how to find a entry
      level prosumer camera that has the 720p option. Esp. if this is such a
      big deal. Crazy.

      ANy thoughts?

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      shaun, i got a used hmc150 off ebay for 2100.00, with 40 hours on it. it’s heading my way now, so i don’t have my hands on it yet. the more research i’ve done, the more i see you’re just better off getting a used hmc150 because by the time you buy the xlr input adapter and the wide lens adapter, you’re talking close to the same money.

      i also bought a used hmc40 off ebay with the wide lens adapter for 1350.00 as well. i don’t need xlr inputs because they’re on the hmc150.

      if you go to youtube, you can see quite a bit of review video on these cameras. if i had the full 2k to spend, i’d be thinking used hmc150 :).

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      Yea, wow, that’s a great price with such low hours… i like that but my original budget was $1000, I bumped it to another $1000 after talking at length with a few friends in the industry… trouble is, I’m pretty small potatoes over here, though I know I’ll be doing this for work to make money, it’ll take me about 2 years to pay off this camera and other basic accessories… just tough to do right now…

      esp when the business I expect to get won’t really know or care about the difference between i or p. The argument is that I’ll grow out of the less expensive camera quickly… so I’m torn.. $1000 now and pay it off in a year and sell it in two years to upgrade, or $2500 now and pay it off in 2+ years with no need to upgrade for a while…

      so hard to know what to do as I don’t know what the future holds for me in this biz…

      anyone got a crystal ball?

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      heh. my crystal ball tells me that with video equipment in this price range, you are far better off thinking of this as a hobby for which you will never make a dime, because anything you’ve thought of will be done by an army of others.

      this is the reality i’m prepared for :).

      on the bright side, it’s a great hobby!

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      But I don’t get it, if the cheaper TM900 records everything at 1080/60p, that’s just as good if not better quality then the HMC40.

      So what’s the difference if I just use the cheaper one, shoot at 1080/60p?

      Seem like if both cameras were doing the same shoot you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference in quality with the final product.

      Am I missing something?

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