$7000, what would you do?

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      I have a $7000(usd) budget for video and editing equipment…since i am starting with nothing i would like to see how you would spend it, remember it should include the camera and peripherals( mics, tripods, lights, bag, etc.) computer and editing software…enjoy &^^&

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      You could start by looking back through Videomaker Magazine articles, many of which deal with your question; then take a Videomaker production seminar. Finally, spend your $7000.

      But even before that, I’d give some thought to what I intended to shoot. The demands of wedding videography are quite different from those of shooting theatrical productions or producing training DVDs. Different camera requirements, different mics, different lighting.

      So long before worrying about how to spend $7000, I’d give some very serious thought to a business plan and what kind of work I had a reasonable expectation of undertaking that would amortize this expenditure in three to four years.


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      thanks jack, good advice… the intention of this is to pick the collective brain of the forum, this is intended to supplement the research i have already done and not necessarily to build a shopping list from.

      i have already accepted the fact that at least initially this will be a hobby that could develop into a profession. film school and/or going for a media studies degree are very real possibilities in the nearer future.

      once again very solid advice and glad you are there to help people do super crazy thing with their money &^^&

      (p.s. if you have looked at my youtube channel i am not surprised in the least at your post, i’d most likely tell myself the same thing)

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      Good camera capable of all-around event and commercial video acquisition; 3-light kit and pair of on-camera lights of good quality; 3 mic system with lavaliere wireless and wired, hand-held wired and wireless and shotgun; tripod; monopod; start out with iMac & i-series editing program (included); printer for DVDs.

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      Camera choice is one decision that can make your dollars go farther. When I chose, I decided on tape-based for cost and back up.

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      first, i realize now this was posted in the wrong section (sound= audio, not sound= solid) lol…

      the camera i seem to be leaning toward is the <b>Panasonic AG-HMC40</b>…i have only heard good things about it, seems like a solid value for a prosumer level cam, the only thing i see being a problem for me is some of the manual controls are menu driven…

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