7 minute video. first video

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My brother and I made this yesterday. It's the first video we've made and there wasn't a script, so I think it turned out pretty well for what it is. We didn't even have an idea of what it was gonna be until we just started driving around and filming things. Once we had the (very basic) plot figured out we figured out what the next scene was gonna be and did the scene in usually one take. I think one of the scenes we did 3 times 'cause we messed it up, so not really any rehearsal. I think it actually took us longer to edit it than it did to shoot it. I hope ya'll find it entertaining. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puhAixwgqGc

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The premise of the film might have been interesting except after the third or fourth outburst of foul language I stopped watching it.

Why not rethink the plotline and reshoot it for a broader audience without the foul language and show that you are more intelligent than what the film shows. Go back some in time to show why the character is so violent.