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      I am planning on upgrading to the 64bit Vegas pro 9after I complete my next project. I was wondering what advantages I will be picking up by making the upgrade. I know that I will gain some use of the memory but what else?

      It will be on a windows 7 64bit machine with an amd phenom II x4 processor with 8gb ram.

      Thanks for your input


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      I’ve noticed a marked difference in the efficiency of programs using a 64-bit platform vs 32-bit. I have half of my machines running 64 and the other 32. With more RAM and much faster multi-cored CPU’s it’s a night and day difference. There are still some hiccups on occasion with 32-b programs on the 64-b OS, but the 64-b programs run so much more smoothly. Once the last of my 32-b rigs gets decommissioned, I’m not going back.

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      You can install both versions on your computer. What I found handy about this is the demo versions is most addons don’t work on 64 bit Vegas, but state the full versions are supposed to be compatible. I FINALLY got some addons to work once I installed 32 bit – and open that when I want to add the final layer.

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      The question I had was how to tell if the project file was from version 9. But I have confirmed that the file was from version 9. Sony sent me a promo email with a 20% discount on the upgrade so i went ahead and upgraded.

      A big plus of going to the 64 bit version is it took the render time for a 8 minute promovideo I had donefrom 44 minutes on version 8 32 bitto 11 minutes.

      Almost paid for itself πŸ™‚

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      Very nice! I have had no real experience with the 32 bit versions other than trying out some plug-ins – and I know 64 bit can eat any render alive. For basic color correction/color curve correction, it will render my HD video in about half real time.

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