64-bit vs. 32-bit

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      Anyone out there editing on a 64-bit Vista pc? We just purchased a laptop with 64-bit Vista & are having some issues with Premier Elements 4.0. I’m considering upgrading to CS3, but the system requirements for that product state that it is not certified on a 64-bit processor. If anyone out there has had success editingwith 64-bitplease let me know what software you are using. I’m knee deep in wedding videos to edit & I must find a stable software solution. PE4 has caused sleepless night & stress out my ears…Adobe has no resolution to the issue & stated that they didn’t test the product for 64-bit and, therefore, can’t guarantee it will work. Well, to this point, I can guarantee it WON’T! I would go back to PE2, which worked perfectly, but it won’t work with Vista! ARRGGGGGHHH!!!!

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