5400rpm drive + canopus ADVC110 = good results? need help

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      i would absolutley use the 110, you will get great results. if you were using your camera as a pass through, and you somehow damage the firewire port due to accident or electric shock issues you’ve messed up a camera. the 110 has a firewire pass through so it’s good there. Just one less thing to constantly hook up and un hook when capturing your old vhs tapes.


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      I want to get into video editing and I am buying a new macbook pro and the ADVC110 converter to transfer VHS tapes to my computer and then edit them. I have a lot of questions, but mainly, should I buy an external hard drive? Quality is very important to me.

      The macbook pro comes with a 5400 rpm drive. How much would that limit me? Would it be worth it to buy something like a Western Digital mybook external drive, with firewire 400/800 connections? I have been looking at 7200rpm external drives and a lot of them seem to have their share of problems. (getting an internal 7200rpm drive in the macbook pro is not an option)

      Any information is welcomed.


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      You should absolutely get an external hard drive. If you don’t need the space now, you most certainly will in the future. Besides, it is great for keeping your projects and media organized. I’m not sure what you mean by their "fair share of problems." I have never had a problem with an external hard drive and every professional uses them quite regularly. I believe that video storage is the #1 use for externals. They are inexpensive for the purpose they serve and well worth it. A 7200 rpm drive will also prove to be a benefit as well.

      Also, I don’t think it’s the best idea to buy ADVC110 converter. If you have a digital video camera you can use it to act as the converter. Just hook your VCR to the "video in" on the camera and hook your camera to the computer via firewire. There is no wear and tear on the camera as it is just acting as the converter. The video simply passes through the camera in vcr or vtr mode and out to the computer. I do it all the time and the quality will be the same as if you used the converter even if someone else (salesman, mr. know it all, etc) tells you otherwise. If you don’t have a digital video camera you can definitely buy a good model for around the same price as the ADVC110. Obviously more bang for the buck. If you have anymore questions or have trouble hooking up the VCR and camera to the computer, i’d be happy to help.

      Best Regards,


Viewing 2 reply threads
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