5 minute Engagement video with humor

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      Hi all…

      My brother got engaged, finnnnally, as in, finally met a girl he wanted to marry, and proposed in 5 months!…..though my family’s looking in my direction next (eek!)…..so I put together this little quickie video from that night, and I’d love to hear what you think.

      The video footage iserrr, uhhh a tad murky.I have a rebel xt and a decent camcorder, butthey don’t fit in my pocket or rest well on my drink tabs, so I used my canon sd850 to capture all pics and mini video clips (it was nighttime too, so a leeeeetle tiny bit of bleaching was needed just to see people). 😉

      Would love feedback…I usually do bio vids for the “family market”that last 20-30 minutes…this was my first “quickie” based on only one night, with a VERY limited media pool. I did it one night when I was home sick.


      Mardi Gras hugs to all…..

      hopefully I posted this in the right place, my apologies if I did not.

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      If you were just someone saying, “Did you like my video?” I would answer, “It was nice. The couplewill probably appreciate it.”

      Since you are asking for a critique, I will be more harsh. I only say negative things to help you. I ask that you do the same for my videos when I post them. I know I have a lot to learn!

      The biggest negative is the use of copyrighted material. However, if you only publish your video on YouTube, the big music companies have agreements to allow YouTube users to use their music. So, your music *might* not be a violation. However, your video and images probably are violations.

      Some of the camera work was a bit shaky. Not much use of the “rule of 3rds.” I understand that it wasn’t a pro camera on a steady cam, but a handheld in a one take situation where you would rather enjoy the situation than be a filmmaker!! So, that’s understandable.

      I liked the special effects your editing software allots you. The white framed stills looked good. Having the couple dancing in the corner with the pictures sliding into the right side was a good touch.

      I personally felt that the video was too long. Maybe a minute or so shorter would have felt good. However, I am an outsider watching it. The family will probably prefer more content. They are your target audience, so I would go with that. If the family watched it several times, the long intro would probably grow old. If there was humor in the beginning, it didn’t entirely work for me. Was it an inside joke?

      Your camera angles appeared to all be from close to your eye height. For this video, it seems to work ok. In fact, some variation might have looked like wierd artsy choices. If you were much taller than your family, I hope you would have tried to film from their eye level and not your own. Your choice to move while filming the dance was a good choice.

      Overall, it was nice. The big payoff for me was when she showed her ring to the singer. That was moving, and it made the video more personal.

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