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      Always on the lookout for innovative workarounds for the indie filmmaker, I came across this video by Matt S for a $5 Follow Focus rig.

      For those of you unfamiliar with film production, a follow focus is basically a device to help you set focus on manual lenses. Mostly used with prime film production lenses, they can also be used with manual capable video lenses and photographic still lenses. Follow focus is very useful for setting up focus points on your lens so when you’re shooting you will already have your points established and won’t have to keep guessing where to turn your focus ring.

      These rigs can cost from several hundred to several thousand dollars, so to find a credible unit for $5 bucks made me crack up. Now for a major shoot using real-world equipment, I wouldn’t recommend a $5 FF. But….

      $5 DIY Follow Focus from Matt S on Vimeo.

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