4x4ing with a GoPro in Canada

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      Got some footage while 4x4ing with a GoPro in Canada. I also made the song in the background.

      Also, check out our blog at supercrazyworld.com for a bunch of unbelievable videos that we find around the net. Enjoy!

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      I liked the video (neat to see that terrain).

      I liked the song (it’s my kind of music).

      But, I’m not sureI liked them together. That music BEGS for fast paced video! Get the 4×4 off the road, bomb around the hills, speed up the video if need be, and it’ll be great stuff.

      Thanks for sharing, too–I did enjoy it.

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      Well… where to start… Dude, I’ve had my sportbike on worse roads… the music was great, what Pseudosafari said about begging for action…. I saw 4×4 dodge dually, go-pro, and Canada in the title and was expecting mud flying, stump jumping, rock climbing axle busting antics…. which the music helped to sell the mental images that never arrived…

      Go get your truck dirty and dented and re-edit, is my advice.


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      tip for the go-pro…. get low to the ground to accentuate speed on a vehicle… mount it on the bumper…

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      or well below it. Bottom line though is content is king. Tear stuff up, go woohoo and repost.

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      I wasn’t kidding about going off the pavement with my sportbike and a go-pro… had to go a couple hrs down dirt roads to get the badazzed cows in this vid…

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