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      I am having trouble figuring out how to make 4:3 footage fit with 16:9 footage. I captured both 16:9 and 4:3 footage in 16:9 mode in adobe. On the editing preview screen, the 16:9 fills the whole screen. The 4:3 footage has black bars on the sides. I have to stretch and crop to make the 4:3 footage fit the screen. By that point the footage looks like garbage, with it being all stretched out and all. Any ideas? Thanks.

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      With your 4:3 footage displayed in the preview monitor, click the middle of the preview monitor. Your video clip is selected. Look in the effects setting window, open the motion dialog, and adjust the scale to desire. Click and drag the clip (in the preview monitor) to relocate its position.

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      Part of the problem is that in PP, your project file determines the framing. If you choose to start a project in 16:9, the whole project has to be 16:9. This means that any 4:3 footage is going to get pillarboxed (the black bars on the side). Without resizing your 4:3 footage (and resizing it WILL distort is somewhat), you’re stuck with two options: either leave the 4:3 footage alone and live with the pillarbox effect, or you start a new project in 4:3 mode, and all of your 16:9 stuff will be letterboxed (the black at the top & bottom).

      On TV, the standard when there are two formats is usually to create the program in 4:3, and letterbox the 16:9 stuff, but I’ve seen other producers who used pillarboxing, assuming that their viewers are using widescreen televisions.

      I hope that helps.

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