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      Hi Guys,

      I have a camera package for sale. Local pickup in Toronto and cash only. You can test the gear at my place if you want. The craigslist posting is here with a photo (contact me through there please): http://toronto.en.craigslist.ca/tor/pho/2109479345.html . Here is the info:


      I am a filmmaker trying to let go of a really good camera package that
      has helped me start my career. These cameras are great and need someone
      new to make more great videos with them.

      4 Camera Package: current estimated value $3500+

      All items are well kept and work well.

      Local Pick Up and Cash Payment Only

      May be willing to sell individual items

      Sony VX2000 (mini DV)

      Sony VX3 (hi8)

      Sony DCR-TRV 330 (digital8)

      Canon ZR 80 (mini DV)

      Note: you can shoot great footage on the VX3 on Hi8 and put the tape in
      the TRV330 which will capture it to your computer through fire wire.


      Century Fisheye Mark 2 (screw)

      Canon WD58 0.7 wide

      SHOOT EXTREME CLOSE UP with macro

      VX2000: 58mm Macro set

      Bag (not shown in picture)

      Tamrac Camera Bag Model 976 (for VX2000 or VX3)


      – 2 for vx2000

      – 2 for trv330

      – 1 for ZR80

      – 1 for VX3 (doesnt last very long)


      VX2000 + TRV330 Sony Remote Control (only have 1, it controls both)

      VX3 Remote Control

      Power Adapters/Chargers

      -note: same charger for vx2000 and trv330 (only have 1, it charges both, powers camera from wall as well)

      -ZR80 wall power and charger

      -VX3 wall power and charger


      VX2000: KATA rain cover

      STYLIZE YOUR SHOTS with filters


      Hoya UV 58mm

      Hoya skylight 1B 58mm

      Hoya Yellow K2 58mm

      Sunpak Circular Polarizer 58mm

      Tiffen UV 52mm

      Cokin Square Adapter A series

      Cokin ND8 Gradient

      Cokin Net Filter 1 Black


      Nikora ND6 37mm

      Nikora Clear 37mm

      Comes with 2 new Hi8 tapes.

      email me with any questions!

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      Oh, that’s in Canada.

      It sounded like Tokyo so I thought it was in Japan.

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