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      So I just got hold of my brand new MAC and wanted to take it for a spin to see what I could do with it. Loaded on my new AVID software as well as the new FCP and downloaded a trial version of AE CS4 but what to make.

      Well I saw The Wolfman at the cinemas on Valentines Day and although I wasnt overly impressed I did see a couple of movie trailers that inspired me to do some motion graphics. So Ive kind of combined two text treatments from 2 trailers and come up with this one. Check it out here along with a tut explaining a bit about the process!!


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      If you load invigerator as an AE plugin, you can extrude and belevel real 3D text. There are other 3D plugins for AE too but I’m thinking you have invigerator.

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      You could also use this free custom effect.

      CE Shape Extruder:

      CE ShapeExtruder

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      I love how he mispelled effect in his tutorial. lol

      I aint bashin/ I mispell at least one thing per project. Kind of my trademark at this point.

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      Just a note. If you have Photoshop CS5, it has a new feature called repousse what allows you to extrude and bevel any vector path such as text or custom Photoshop shapes. They can then be imported into After Effects and animated. Or even animated in Photoshop if that is your preference.

      Print Tutorial:


      Video Tutorial:


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      Verry, Verry cool Jeron…Thanks!

      Have youby chance tested it out in AE…does it treat it as a true 3D object or does it still become flat when orbiting or applying various camera movements past the 3D threshold?

      I’m interested in tests with AE CS5 and prior versions as well…

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      Yes they can be. Actually you have been able to import Live Photoshop 3D layers since version CS4. You can fly the camera around, through, rotate and move them etc. and thy still appear as 3d objects.

      The repousse effect only exists in the CS5 iteration of the programs, but 3D layers have been around for a while, I think since Cs3.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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