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      a 3d movie title demo.

      3d movie title

      visit:Movie Title Maker Demo

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      This is a blatant advertisement and in no way does VideoMaker endorse this software (to my knowledge) and my first reaction was to delete the thread.

      That said, this software appears very interesting. Kinda like Zaxwerks Pro-Animator but at one tenth the price.

      Has anyone here had any experience with these folks? I looked around a bit on the web and didn’t find any warnings about them, but I find it very curious how such a powerful tool could be so inexpensive.


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      When I saw this I was thinking Blufftitler as a lot of the title designs were very similar even down to the fly-in fly-out patterns.

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      It reminds me of that cool 3D that coral used to have. At least I think it was Coral that had that

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      It’s a lot cheaper than After Effects.

      I don’t know what all it can do, but itdoes look like it can do a lot better than Microsoft “Direct3D” effects.

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      As I said in an earlier post, I strongly considered taking down this thread at the start – As a blatant advert without any substance behind it (as in I wrote this cool program that does such and such…).

      I was also concerned that it claimed to do a lot for a very small pricetag, which led me to believe it might be a pirated or cracked version of another program.

      Based on what I saw, I contacted Zaxwerks and here is the reply I got from Zax Dow (yes, his name really is Zax).

      This is all based on my personal opinion – VideoMaker has not (to my knowledge) endorsed ProAnimator either but I can say that it is used by many television stations for their animations.

      ProAnimator is still on my to buy list….


      Hi Bruce,

      Thanks for sending us your question.

      I’ve taken a look at Aurora’s tutorials and this is what I can
      make of them.

      – Aurora is mainly a 3D version of Power Point. The company
      is called Presentation 3D so all of their features target the
      presentation user.

      – Aurora has a keyframe type of animation system with some extra
      “effects” thrown in on top. It doesn’t appear that you
      get much if any control over the motion’s speed or the shape of the
      motion paths themselves. Looks like the same old difficult to
      control 3D system.

      – The Aurora modeler is based on the standard beveling
      algorithms, which every other 3D program uses except for Zaxwerks,
      which causes problems when the geometry gets difficult. The
      problems show up as twisted overlapping mangled pieces of text
      wherever two curves intersect. Even their own demo movies show
      these modeling problems.

      – I’m also puzzled by the lack of community on their web forums.
      Not very many people have viewed their FAQs or support pages so it
      doesn’t appear that they have too many users. Maybe they’re just
      starting out? Maybe Power Point users don’t need 3D?

      What’s my take? Well, I’ll try to be professional here.
      We created ProAnimator as a rethink of the animation process. As
      way to do very difficult modeling operations with the press of a
      button and a way to get away from keyframes. We created our
      modeling algorithms so we could get those cool inset face bevels
      without killing yourself in a difficult modeling program. Since
      coming out with ProAnimator we’ve seen inset faces and cascading
      animations pop up all over the place. But no one else who adds
      these features gets the point, so they end up giving you a quick
      “trick” and leave you hanging; still sitting in the middle
      of a difficult keyframe program or with a modeler that only works with
      the simplest of fonts.

      ProAnimator is certainly a lot more expensive than Aurora, but
      you might need to ask yourself why that is. Sometimes you get
      what you pay for. Thanks for letting me respond to your
      question. Feel free to post this on your site if you want.



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      Thanks for your replay, about some questions you asked, I have some opinion.

      Our product: Aurora 3D Animation Maker is a 3D Title and Logo Animation Maker, We and other 3D animation software, there are still a lot of difference.

      1) The software provides hand-painted model drawing, the method is similar to PHOTOSHOP pen tool, you can outline the shapes you want, and change to 3D shape.

      2) At the same time software provides thousands of font graphics and svg library. And interchangeable between thevarious shapes, flexible use. In addition, you can import the font graphics and svg library at free-hand draw window, and change them.

      3) Texture including image, gradient, multi-texture, support zoom, move, rotate, etc. deformation, increase the flexibility of texture. In addition, we can easily create animated textures, the texture was more realistic.

      4) Dozens of ways to free choice of bevels, bevel height can be freely adjusted to meet the needs of different shapes.

      5) External model also supports the import, support for 3ds, mesh format.

      6) You can choose a greater variety of backgrounds, including colors, images, dynamic, and the skybox model. They can have regular exercise, also can be a virtual reality environment.

      7) about price, I think we are discount at now, the price I believe is appropriate. because you can easy to use, and much cheaper than other 3D Animation Software (such as blufftitler pro).

      I believe that our products will be very good.

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