3D models for your movies using google SketchUp

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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      Hello Videomaker community

      I recently discover this incredible feature to add 3D models to videos
      using Google Sketchup (which is free and rather easy to use), Photoshop
      and finally After Effects. This only works with Photoshop Extended
      Edition CS3 or CS4. First you need to download SketchUp

      You can find it here: http://sketchup.google.com/download/index2.html

      Convert the 3D models to .kmz (a 3D format of Google Earth that Photoshop can read) by going to File > Export > 3D Model.
      If you want you can make your own models in SketchUp, but there is a
      better and faster way, download models for free from the 3D Warehouse


      There are thousands of models to browse. NOTE: You can import 3D models directly to Photoshop by installing this plug-in


      It didn’t work for me this plug-in, but it can be done manually. After
      you have the .kmz file you go to Photoshop and follow this steps:


      After finishing the 3D model in Photoshop save your project and open
      After Effects. In AE make a new composition, import the Photoshop
      project and make sure to check Live Photoshop 3D. The Photoshop file
      will be imported as a new composition among with other folders. Add the
      Photoshop composition by double clicking it. For example: If the comp
      is name tank model, double click it to add it to the composition. This
      is the only way I could do this, dragging the compositions or the
      folders individually does not work. If a camera layer appears in your
      timeline you did it right. Then do whatever you want with the 3D Model.
      Of course you will need to enter in the 3D Layers arena of AE, but is
      rather easy (time consuming, oh yeah, fun to do, very much)

      I uploaded a video of a animation I did with one tank.

      Check it out: http://dvprofessionals.ning.com/video/tank-experiment?xg_source=msg…

      It came out pretty good, with one tank composition I duplicate it an
      make my army of 4 tanks moving to “war”. I added some color correction
      and stuff and I also add sound effects in Premiere. It was really fun
      to do. Now I can do a lot of more stuff with this, I’m so happy. I
      encourage you to experiment with this and impress your clients with a
      movie of attacking alien spaceships, huge building in a illogical place
      and anything you can think of.

      Enjoy and have fun.

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