3d Animation/Live Action

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I am a Television and Video Production student in Milwaukee, and I am makeing a show that will air on PBS, but i need some help with the sepcial effects, I am trying to get some 3d animations look real in live action footage. I have tried color correction in Avid, Vegas, and Adobe, but have failed to capture the realism, I have also tried lighting effects on After Effects, but nothing seems to work, These are only my test shots, I have not started to shoot the show yet, so I have some time, If anyone has any ideas please help me out

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Making 3d look photo real is really something that is done during the modeling and rendering process. If you have the original 3d files then you could tweak the lighting and materials to make it look more realistic. Otherwise if you could post the video file so I could see what your dealing with then I could try and help you more.