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      Im a little confused. Could someone tell me about the different types of camcorders? What is 3CCD? Is it the same as 3 chip? Tapes? Hard-Drive? Mini-DV? Just general types of camcorders. Thank you.

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      3 CCD is the same as 3 chip. Basically, a CCD senses light. If you have 1 CCD it has to be sensitive to all the primary colors – red, green, and blue. But if you a 3 CCD camcorder, each chip is responsible for only one primary color, which results in a nicer, clearer image. So 3 CCD is the way to go, and most cameras are these days.

      I’m assuming the same principal goes for CMOS and 3MOS.

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      The exception that proves the rule, the Red One, uses a single CMOS imager.

      But Rob is correct, most folks will want three chips (CMOS or CCD) if they can afford it.

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