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      I’m experimenting with camera tracking software that requires knowledge of camera settings such as film back. I’m using a using a Sony PD170 which has 1/3" 3CCDs. Can anyone clarify for me what the exact width and height would be in inches or mm? Aspect ratio is 4:3

      This link says one 1/3" is 8.467 Diagonal 4.800 Width x 3.600 Height which makes sense


      http://www.cctvconsult.com/pages/ccd.htm This site suggests:

      The 1/3" CCD chip is 5.5mm Diagonal, 4.4mm Width and 3.3mm Height

      But how about the when there are 3CCDs? Will the film back equivalent be x3?

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      I enquired to Sony about three camera models and can confirm that in at least one of them the physical dimensions of the 1/3" (5.9mm) CCD is 4.6mm x 3.7mm. This really confirms what you were saying about the arbitrary size of CCD chips. At the end of the day the difference between the suggested sizes was minuscule but its nice to know exactly what to work with and why the difference exists so thanks for all your help

      Anna πŸ˜€

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      Great discussion. I just want to clarify for the good of our beginning audience that Hank’s comment below is a sarcastic suggestion.

      I suggest you take a screwdriver and remove your CCDs, measure their diagonal length and get back to us.

      We love good humor, but we want to make sure everyone knows that you shouldn’t try to do access your CCDs, no matter how much fun that sounds.


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      Not sure anyone else will ever ask the questions above again… but just in case

      The dimensions for the Active area of a single 1/3" CCD are important for calc filmback in some instances and for a standard Sony they are the following,
      Height: 4.9594mm
      Vertical: 3.6375mm.

      The physical dimensions for the actual chip size are the following,
      Height: 6.00mm
      Vertical: 4.96mm

      Apparently, the active surface of a CCD may be different depending on the resolution being recorded from the device. Regarding my question about 3CCD cameras, the light is split into red green and blue components that are individually picked up by each CCD therefore the film size would be the same as a single CCD of that size.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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