360 Video Camera Immersive Media System for sale (Dodeca 2360)

Anonymous (not verified)


Immersive Media 360 video camera system for sale (Dodeca 2360). The whole system includes:

* Head Unit (with 11 lenses)
* Varizoom Battery charger
* 2 Varizoom Li-On Batteries
* TFT portable color monitor
* Base Unit
* Car Mount
* 2 joysticks
* Walking pole mount
* Back Pack mount
* Emagin goggles with case
* Micro Optical CV-3
* 11 filters for the lenses
* All the original software the came with it.

This is the same equipment that were first used by Google to capture the images for the Google Street View (Google extracted the pictures out of the 360 video). The camera is in pristine state and has been used just few times. Some of the mounts have some scratches and some signs of wear, scuffs, etc. But the camera head and base unit are in pristine state. This is one of the most complete equipment on the market with everything you need from capturing imagery to web and offline delivery. A new package like this one would cost around U$ 65,000.00

I bought this equipment from a old Immersive Media partner in Brazil. The equipment is current in San Francisco, CA and can be shipped anywhere in the world. You can also come check the camera out if your are local.

The price is U$ 23,000.00. If you have any questions, want to schedule a test drive, or need to see the pictures please let me know by sending me an email to thelazyjoe@gmail.com, or call me at 415 786 6640 (email is preferred).