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      I am an intermediate level video editor. Have done about 3 decent projects for my government job. One a memorial video, informational video, and some street interviews. My supervisor likes my work and has given me a $3500 dollar budget to get equipment.I need This is what I have chosen so far:

      – Videocamera: Canon HV40 $649.00

      – Lighting: Wescott ulite 3 lighting kit $219.99

      – Shotgun Mic: Rode Videomic $130.00

      – Wireless Lavs: Any suggestions?

      – Tripods: Any suggestions?

      – Digital SLR: Any suggestions?

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      wireless lavs… whatever your favorite is on BandHphoto.com

      Tripod: Catroni Pro.

      DSLR: 5D. It’ll blow your entire budget once ya gear up fro audio though. Hold off on this. Grow with the above and puchase or rent as your needs grow.

      How’s your edit suite? Could you use the remaining money for storage, performance or plugins? All After Effects savvy? If not get it and beef it up with plugins. If you are savvy with it, this is your opportunity to add some of those plgins you’ve had your eye on.

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